Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've made loads of stuff in the last while, but haven't managed to get pictures of most of it yet. Here is what I whipped off in the last couple of days though, a selection of tops using Zoe's free camisole pattern:

can you tell I like pink and black?

There's pink with black/white polka dot elastic, pink/black check with black elastic and (lots of) bows, blue/black check with black elastic and slightly fewer bows, and black lace w/ black lace straps.

excuse the crappy night time pics on my bedspread

I just got two bags of bows in the post a few days ago, and apparently they are going to be on everything now. Zoe's pattern is perfect, and I can see that I might very well end up with more of this top than is entirely necessary, especially since it takes about half an hour to make! The only thing I would change about it is the size chart: instead of being in bust size, it's in dress size, so I had to do a little research (ie. googled it) to see how that translated. Although if you actually buy clothing, this probably isn't an issue! I ended up using a size 12, and it fits like a glove. The only change I made was chopping 4 or 5 inches off the bottom, since I like shorter tops. I'll try to get some action shots of these when I photograph all my other new makes, but until then, enjoy a preview of my entirely me-made halloween costume :)

with co-workers cropped out for discretion