Wednesday, January 18, 2012

velvet and satin

I was feeling a definite lack of knee length black skirts, so I used the black duchess satin originally bought to make some fourties style trousers and made myself a cute little skirt. And of course it needed a ruffle. And a bustle. And now I wear it every other day because who doesn't love a ruffly bustled satin skirt for day wear, haha.

For christmas my mom took me fabric shopping, and I've been feeling gothish lately, so everything I bought ended up being red or black. Being a sucker for velvet, I pounced on a bright red piece when I realized it was both stretchy and machine washable. When my boss called this morning to say it was a snow day and not to come in, some sewing was inevitable, so I finished off a nice red top. It's even fairly warm, so I actually have a vaguely season appropriate piece of clothing now!

Both pattern I made myself, although I did reuse the neckline and armsyths from my red plaid dress. The skirt is six panels, with an extra three slightly shorter over the top in the back. the overskirt has ribbon sewn into channels in the center seams and pulled up to create the bustled effect.

The gathering on the front of the shirt was actually a last minute addition, after trying it on and deciding the neckline could be more awesome. Now it makes me thing of disney princesses for some reason, hahaha.

I will probably do another swayback adjustment on the top pattern before I use it again, there is still a little bit of fabric gathering there, although not enough to bother me on this piece. I think the pattern would be cute with lace sleeves, don't you?

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