Thursday, December 13, 2012

Though I would pop in to show off my first set of chainmail jewellery :).

Byzantine weave bracelet and earrings

made from 20 g 2.77mm ID bright aluminum

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea, haha. Besides, any clearer and you would be able to tell that I'm very much still learning how to close the rings smoothly! Actually, you can see how much I improved by the end of the bracelet compared to the start, so I'm feeling pretty pleased. I got the prettiest violet anodised Niobium rings to make a similar set for my boyfriend's mom for xmas, I hope she likes them!

Normally I'm a big christmas grinch, how silly to be forced by social convention to celebrate a religious holiday I don't believe in bah humbug and all that, but this year it seems kind of fun. Maybe I'm just falling into my man's habit of every-other-year holiday spirit :). I've tracked down festive movies from my childhood, everyone is getting handmade gifts, and I'm quite looking forward to christmas baking with my mom. I'll try to remember to get pictures of everything!

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