Wednesday, May 1, 2013


So, this month I have:

- ufo-busted a two year old half finished (cow print) skirt. And then upon washing it discovered that the shell and underlining don't play nicely together, and that the whole thing will have to be recut and done again from scratch. At least now I have an extra two years of construction expertise?

- busted up both my arm and my back, on individual occasions, and for seemingly no particular reason. I just go to sleep perfectly fine, and wake up the next morning with some part that hurts when I use it or move in any way for the next week or two. Both are pretty much ok again now, but if I get up tomorrow with a bum leg, I'll be mighty pissed...

- and busted out my geekiness!
    I've started a biweekly gaming night with friends (the perfect way to pretend I'm sociable without really leaving my comfort zone. And by comfort zone, I mean house).
    Having already watched at least parts of most other extensive sci-fi franchise, I'm starting in on Stargate SG-1, and so far it's pretty awesome. Next in cue after that: Transformers, 80's style.
    And instigated by a Forgotten Realms trilogy that I snagged from booksale at work, I remembered my great love of classic style fantasy novels. I burned through that series in very short order, finally started in on reading Anne McCaffrey's Harper Hall trilogy for the first time since my Dad read them to me as a kid, and just started this book (I think after seeing it on Megan's totally awesome blog, but now I can't find where she mentioned it), which I thought was going to be a trilogy, but turns out to be a six part series, half of which I have to interlibrary loan in because my library is weeding everything good *sigh grumble sigh mutter bitterness contempt* and only have 2/3 of any given series I want to read now.... Anyway, books rock, especially if they have dragons and magic and lots of characters with incomprehensible names :).

I did not, however, do much in the way of sewing, and therefore almost missed out on this month's stashbusting challenge! But then last night, fuelled by a desire for craftiness (and, lets face it, a disinclination to be left out of the shiny row of clickable boxes over at Cindy's place), I dug out my scraps box and got to work.

Apparently all of my stash fabric is blue. Which I don't understand, as most of my clothing = not blue.

Dice bags! Lots of little divided pouch dice bags! I used the same pattern that I made for my own set, only this time around I lined everything so I didn't have to futz around with seam binding. And that way I used twice as much stash! The lighter blue spotty one even has a big sister.

This one is made from my other self drafted dice bag pattern, which has a flat bottom so it will stand up on it's own, and is big enough to hold pencils and stuff. I made myself one of these to match the little spider-man/batman one (hence why I just called it a "set" even though the link only shows one, haha), but haven't gotten pictures yet. It turned out to also be just the right size to hold my tiny little knitting project for carrying to work :).

Pretty coloured linings! The little blue spots has purple lining like it's mate, and the green spots has a white lining. It also doesn't have ties yet, until I order some more colours of ribbon.
Except for the the green one, all of these where made with little leftover bits of fabric from past projects, so not only where they free to make, but actually served a very noble purpose of cutting down my terrifying collection of scraps. The green spotty fabric is actually something I was recently gifted (does it count as stashbusting if it was in someone else's stash?), but there wasn't enough of it to make any sort of garment, so it got relegated to bag duty. I already have the pieces for a large bag cut out of it, so that one will be a cute little matched set as well.

And they are all going up in my etsy shop as soon as I have the energy to write up decent descriptions and do all that drop menu stuff. Will anyone besides me like the whole divided bag idea? I guess we'll find out!

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