Saturday, December 14, 2013

tops and knitting

...namely, not a lot, actually, but I've gotten a few things made, and a couple of those even photographed.

Light blue wrist warmers for a friend, with a ruffly arm cuff. I'm actually pretty pleased with the ruffle, I sort of franken-patterned it onto the original wrist warmer pattern, and altered it to be garter in between the lacey parts instead of the original rib.

And the same pattern, minus the added on ruffle, for a different friend. She gifted me a bag of yarn when she decided not to learn how to knit after all, and I was never going to use camo yarn for myself, so I made these for her, and the rest is being made into a little matching hat for her soon to be baby :).

And then I used Zoe's free camisole pattern to make a bunch of tank tops out of my boyfriend's old t-shirts that didn't fit him any more. Except for the top one, which he bought for me at a thrift shop because he knew I was having fun making nerdy shirts into Sarah tops (how cute is that!).

Right now I'm super interested by lolita style, so look forward to lots of ruffles and silliness in the future :)


  1. Yay! So happy to see a post from you! I really need to learn how to knit one of these days. I actually have 2 pairs of knitting needles and I recently bought some yarn, so I am getting closer to actually doing it!

    I like the tanks. The Magic Missiles ones totally made me giggle.

    1. thanks to videos on the internet, knitting isn't too hard to learn :). you can do it!

      It makes me giggle too, haha. The text was on the back of the original shirt, and the graphic on the front, but i just had to use both for shirt fronts so i would get to enjoy it too while wearing them. happily, there was a plain green tshirt that i didn't want the graphic from to harvest for the backs of these guys :).