Saturday, April 25, 2015


Remember last time how I teased you with yard pictures? It's my very own yard, in my very own house that we bought last fall! OMG I'm such an adult... And then we painted it like rainbow sherbet :)

Yellow for the kitchen,

light blue for the living room,

a royal blue bedroom,

paint that looks like lime sherbet under artificial light...

but like neon lime under natural light,

and a pinky-purple for my sewing room. I have a sewing room!

I've organized it better since these pictures, all my fabric is under this worktable in clear plastic totes. And I got my very first ironing board, so I don't have use a blanket on the table any more!

As you saw in the bedroom picture, we got another cat.

She's tiny and adorable and a huge lap hog.

I put nerdy artwork and housewares everywhere.

And we have a huge yard! With a deck

and a giant old apple tree that we had to trim because it was leaning on the deck.

I planted another apple and two plum trees last fall, and they're all blooming;

as are all the flowers that popped up unexpectedly around the house!

We have a lot of work to do around the place (new roof this year; replace the deck, tub, and hot water tank next year; chase the rats out of the attic; new floor eventually; and on and on and on...), but it's ours, and I'm so very happy!

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