Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The definition of poor timing...

Well, it's snowing...

And I'm making a sun-dress


I can't help but feel that the amusing contradiction here is a perfect way to start off this new blogging experience. I'm Sarah, and I sew. Usually not things that are at all practical, but things that I wear none the less. And in the event that anyone ends up reading this, I thought you might like to come along for the ride, so to speak. And just in case you wanted to find out who I am...

I'm a twenty-something public Library worker, living with my amazing boyfriend and others, sewing not quite as much as I mean to, and wearing my sometimes ridiculous creations to work. Thank goodness for tolerant and amused co-workers.

I took up sewing again about a year ago, after giving it up in disgust after high school home ec. The clothing I was finding in stores didn't appeal, and having everything custom made was way out of my price range. Happily, the passing of a few years has given me the patience to do things properly this time around, and right now I'm working on a dream of having an entirely me-made wardrobe.

As my fashion interests are a combination of Victorian burlesque/carnival and thirties-to-fifties vintage, this could get interesting.

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  1. haha, Sarah, I love you and your inappropriately-timed summer dress. ~Adrian