Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In the new year

Seeing as everypony and their dog is doing either a 2012 roundup or a 2013 goals post, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. Since I didn't even blog most of my makes this last year (yet, I still mean to eventually, I swear!), a goal list it is! This year (and by year, I mean hopefully in the next few months, before my interests/taste toggles again to something completely different), I want to:

- make clothing in lime green/hot pink/turquoise blue. I love these colours together, in any combination, and I like having a wardrobe that can mix and match. Also purple, cause purple is awesome.

man I love this! only you know, not in belt length...

- finally use this fabric,

and it falls within the first goal too!
I love it, it's a nice summery cotton, and polka dots, and a great colour. There's enough for a dress. And I like it so much that I've been afraid to make it into something that doesn't turn out right. But my construction skills are solid now, and I'm figuring out more with each project how to get the right fit, I think it's time to just pick a pattern already and do it!

- bust out my corset making box and give another go at an underbust. This time more of a bustier, instead of the 4" reduction monstrosity I made before that I can't eat in. I want something that will squish down my full skirts so my figure shows through, without impeding my ability to work, breath, or digest. If I can get a pattern worked out, I have a whole box full of fabric that's been waiting years to be made into this kind of thing! Ridiculous, wonderful fabrics!

not like this at all, but how awesome are these?!

- and not sewing related, but any day now I need to get around to finding a keyboard that doesn't have a sticky "s", haha. Four months of hammering on it to get results is quite enough!

not related to anything, I just love BoaSaS

I've intentionally kept my goals pretty vague, because I don't want to feel like a failure if I don't get X amount of Y things finished "in time". This is about realizing what I want to get done, and trying to actually do it, not pressuring myself into doing things just so they can be checked off a list.

There are also half a dozen non-sewing crafts I suddenly can't wait to try, so there may be a lot of the (etc) part in the next little while. Or whenever my supplies show up in the post :).

(I rather want to try making a quilt for our bed too, but I'm not putting that in officially because then it becomes even more intimidating! But I got a rotary cutter (so sharp!) and a HUGE mat for x-mass, so cutting the pieces something resembling square is an actual possibility now, I now longer have an excuse to put it off, haha.)

one day, I will have this printed on a shirt

And on that note, Happy New Year to all!

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