Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There is a new sewing challenge going on over at Cation Designs, and the sewasaurus button ( --->) was so cute I just had to join. Also, you know, it went along with my sewing resolutions anyway, so why not. Yay for feeling like part of a community, even if I have to go online to do so.

(I don't mean that to sound as sad as it ended up, I have people in my IRL life who seem to like me and want to do things together. It's more me, really. In person socialising is just so stressful and tiring that even when I adore my friends, I can only handle seeing them every couple of weeks. And not for each one, I mean every couple of weeks I can face the thought of doing one sociable thing, so if a family dinner happens to be going on one weekend, I likely won't be seeing friends that month. I used to feel like this meant there was something wrong with me, but I'm starting to realise that we all have our own levels of personal time needed, mine just happens to be very high, and that's ok. And now that I have ranted completely off topic for a giant paragraph, back to our irregularly scheduled sewing post.)

I, Sarah, commit to using stash fabric for at least 50% of my sewing projects in 2013.

It doesn't sound too hard when put like that, since everything currently in my closet counts as stash, and by now it has quite a selection of both fabrics and colours. Even if my fashion mood changed during the year (bound to happen at least once), there has to be something in there I can use! I mean, look at all this crap:

yes, I'm insanely lucky to have a closet just for fabric
Although it's a huge disorganised mess, I know that doesn't look like too too much, really. And then you turn 180* and see all the stuff that never made it to the closet.

And that doesn't even count all my notions and stuff, those have their own closet, so I can't pretend that some of it is just "in stock" supplies.

Most importantly, most of it I absolutely love! It needs to be awesome wearable things on me, not languishing in storage, all flat and boring. Luckily, right now I'm all full of inspiration and drive, so hopefully a bunch of things will get made before I get distracted by another hobby :).

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