Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Dress

pretty sweetheart neckline!

I'm so happy with this dress! Work has been super stressful the last few weeks, so last Wednesday I played hookey (shhhhhh!) and had a happy crafty day at home. I would have had the dress finished that night, but after attaching the skirt I decided it needed significantly more poof, and had to unpick the waist to add another skirt panel.

good spidey on the left side...
As you may have already guessed, the fabric was originally a bed-sheet, just like my batman dress (and it's been in my fabric closet for at least six months, which surely make it Stashbusting!). However, while the batman sheet was starting to get rather worn, this one was in perfect condition, so I'm not so worried about this dress ripping unexpectedly. (while I love my batman dress, it has been relegated to special occasions so I don't totally destroy it.) I've ordered some more sheets, and this time made sure to get the flat sheets instead of the fitted ones, on the theory that if it isn't being lain on, it won't wear out as much.

and evil spidey on the right!
Now for the nitty gritty! The bodice is from this pattern on burdastyle, with 2" length added above the waist, and 1" added to the neckline edge. I also added 1" to the center front, 1" on each side panel, and didn't bother stitching the darts.  Instead of the elastic-threaded-through-channels that the pattern called for, I used elastic thread and the instructions for shirring from Gertie's book. The bodice front and side pieces are lined in white broadcloth, and the bodice back and the skirt are left unlined because I'm lazy to cut down on bulk. I'm pretty sure halter straps aren't allowed at work, so I used the straps from the parfait dress. I love the shoulder seam on this strap, it forms to the shoulder and keeps the damn things from sliding off all the time.

The original skirt was a full circle, and I just couldn't wiggle it out of my one twin sheet. Instead, I used one quarter circle for a smooth line in the centre front, and a simple gathered rectangle for the sides and back. I would like to make another version with the proper circle skirt, and also one with a completely dirndl skirt. This pattern is great, because now that the bodice fits, I can change up the straps and the skirt styles and have a bunch of comfortable, easy to make dresses that don't look like I just have a closet of the same dress.

squinty spring sun-in-my-eyes face

Now if only they made sheets with female superheroes on them...


  1. Awesome! I am so excited by this dress and similar ones I've seen that I really want to buy some awesome sheets to make a cool superhero dress. Way to be inspirational! ;)

    1. I would love to see them if you did! I was inspired by Cindy over at Cation Designs, so it's great to share the love, haha. The thrift shops in my town are rather uninspiring, so I've been using etsy as a sheet source. And they don't just come in superheroes! Land before time! Star Wars! Star Trek yet though *pout*...

  2. Great dress! I keep seeing people using sheets for dresses and it's making me want to buy some fun sheets, too! I'll have to see if there's any Hobbit sheets!

  3. I love this dress!!! Brilliant idea to do the quarter circle skirt front to get the smooth line...I'm going to have to steal that one! And yes, I have yet to discover female superhero sheets. *sigh*

    1. It was rather a fluke with this one, but yes, I think I might just have to use that idea again; one doesn't really need extra poof over the tummy! I did see a sheet with wonder woman on it, but it was as part of a group, not just her *pout*. Maybe I'll spoonflower some one day...