Sunday, March 3, 2013

new skirt!

So here's the thing: I have oodles of hand made skirts, yet I wear the same store bought one at least three days a week. It's knee length and black and fluttery, and it has an elastic waist so it doesn't matter if I've gained or lost weight. Basically, perfect. And I finally started to feel weird about wearing the same damn skirt all the time, so I needed to make a new one!

new skirts make me pose like a superhero, haha

The main thing I wanted to replicate was the fluttery uneven hem, so the original got laid out flat and stared at until it all came clear. It was two squares with a circular hole in the centre, and a slit through one side, and then sewn together along the cut edges to make an eight pointed hem. Clever! So I drafted a quick four panel skirt as a base, did some fast and dirty math the the square flounce thing, and voila, new pattern. I did the patterning and cutting last night, and the sewing this morning, and now I have a new skirt!

It's made from the same stretch material as my Zo pattern lace tank and my red lined lace shirt, and I still have a bunch left! The top portion is lined with black tricot from my stash for decency, and the flounce is left unlined (and un-hemmed). The origianal is made of mesh stuff, and lies a little more flat and drape-ily, but this stuff will do. The waistband could have turned out better, but I have an idea for version number two, so we'll call this one a trial run :).

I stitched wide elastic to the right edge of the waistline, turned it to the inside, and then turned it again so the elastic was completely encased, and stitched again near the lower edge of the elastic (I meant to get more in progress shots, but then it went together so quickly it completely slipped my mind). I have another store bought skirt that uses this method, but my fabric was a bit more... springy? squishy? thick? so the finished product wasn't as nice as it could have been. But I'm not much for midriff baring shirts, so it won't be noticeable.

did you notice my awesome boots? I wear them every day, hahaha. A 4" platform does wonders for reaching the top shelf.

Maybe not the go-to everyday skirt I meant it to be, but still quite serviceable I think. Time will tell how much wear it gets. And made entirely from my stash!


  1. Congrats on recreating your favourite skirt! It looks fab. Plus a total score because you already know it's going to get heaps of wear and not be a wardrobe orphan! xx

    1. Thanks! I may just have to make a few more versions too, as with most new projects, wearing it brings ideas on how to make it even better :)

  2. I'm glad you came pretty close to recreating such a cool skirt. I can't wait to see your next version.

    1. thanks :). It might be a little while, I don't have anything in my stash that would be just right, and I'm trying ever so hard to not buy more fabric till the supply closet is moderately under control ;).