Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blue apple top

A few years ago I bought this fabric online on a whim, and then (as so often happens) had no idea what to do with it. So it sat in my stash until a few weeks ago, when I got Butterick 4132 in the post.

The very qualities of the fabric that had left me scratching my head before made it perfect for this pattern; light and drapey, fairly shear, strange pattern. I even decided that the semi-subtle stripes of apple/flowers and metallic silver thread just made the bias cutting easier! I used view A, because it is too bloody hot for sleeves right now.

The fabric is light enough that the facing used to finish the neckline/armholes doesn't bother me, and I was feeling lazy enough that I just pinked the lower edge of the facing, so it came together super quickly. In fact, I made the whole thing in the time it took to watch Batman Begins!

I cut a straight size 14, and the only fit issue I had was gaping at the back neckline. Really I should just make this adjustment as a matter of course, because Big4 patterns are always way too big for me across the upper back. Luckily with this one it was an easy fix of opening out the facing and making two long narrow darts; now it fits beautifully, and I think they even look intentional instead of like a last minute hack!

The only down side is that I managed to cut this top out of only half the length of fabric! Or is that an up side? I guess it goes back into the stash until I decide :P.

(oh, and it's kind of scratchy it you tuck it in, thanks to the metallic thread...)

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