Saturday, July 25, 2015

flutter sleeve renfrews

A while ago I realized what everyone else already knows, that knit tops are just plain easier to wear than woven, and that they are what one will generally reach for first when deciding what to put on in the morning. Which meant I really needed some fun/cute t-shirt type tops!

The thing was, if I'm going to have sleeves I want them to be interesting. So I took the sleeve piece from view f of simplicty 2364 and hacked it up until it fit into the armscythe of the sewaholic renfrew.

Yay for flutter sleeves! I made the first one up in a soft and drapey black rayon knit, and I wear it so often that a few days ago I made up another in a bright blue cotton jersey.

It has polka-dots! This fabric is a fair bit thicker and more stable than the rayon, so it will be interesting to see how it differs in fit and feel (I haven't actually worn it yet except for trying on).

My local fabric store has a decent selection of bamboo knits, and I will probably have to pick up a bunch and make more variations of this top. It's both cute and comfortable, and I do so love looking like I made an effort while feeling like I'm still in pajamas :P.

Also, knit tops are so easy to make! I made the blue one in the 4 hours it took my guy to have D&D night, and still had time to make three more pairs of panties!

The black ones are actually the scraps from that first top, omg soft!


  1. Damn honey. You are talented. Those pants are cuuuuute!

    (Also, hey! You might not remember me from my old blogs - GothGuide and Bohemian Bloomers - but it's good to see you're still around!)

    1. Of course I remember you, nice to see you around again as well :)

  2. Hello,I just found out about the Hollyburn skirt pattern and I wanted to try to follow the sew along tutorial from Rachel my messing ,but when I go to the site that it redirects me to,it says 403 forbidden. Does that mean it's not available to the public? Is there a way to contact Rachel herself to let her know her website is down? Thanks