Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unmentionable Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! I meant to celebrate by making a watermelon themed dress (more on that late), but got distracted making skanky underwear instead, hahaha.

I finally got around to making a pattern from my favourite rtw undies, and now all the lacy goodness can be mine!!!

With the stretch lace and lingerie elastic I had on hand, and scraps of jersey left over from other projects, I managed to make four pairs in a few hours. I have some more stretch lace kicking around that I just have to decide on a fabric match for, but I'll definitely be ordering more lace and making tonnes of these to replace my rtw ones that have seen better days. Then all of my undergarments will officially be made-by-me! I always feel slightly smug when I know I made EVERYTHING I'm wearing, hahaha.

Hope you guys have/had a great Canada Day!

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